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San Joaquin Valley Chapter


Teacher of the year


San Joaquin Valley Chapter


Teacher of the year

Junior Development Program

The purpose of this program is to introduce the game to beginners and provide an avenue for students who want to develop their game to compete at a high level; and to do so in a fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere.

Private Instruction

From beginners to advanced players, Hamrick Golf will help you develop your love and knowledge of the game through a plan designed to fit your goals and needs. 

Links and References

Looking for more information about tournament golf?  Here you will find links that will get you headed in the right direction.

Teaching Philosophy

"Golf has been a passion of mine since high school and has grown every year since.  The beauty of golf is it can be played by anyone, at any time, basically anywhere. Golf may seem like a simple game. But once you have played it, you realize quickly all the unknown challenges that it provides, most of which we have no idea how to fix.  This pushes us to pursue  information to get that little ball in that little hole.

Of all my years of studying the golf swing, players on tour, and top instructors around the world,  I have learned is that there is an infinite amount of conflicting information, which leads to mass confusion and poor golf for most golfers.  This leads to a loss of passion for the game and therefore too many golfers leaving the game.  I believe in growing the game, by keeping and building the passion to the game for golfers.  This comes from hitting good shots and playing well.  I have a clear and simple roadmap of what it takes to enjoy the process and how to build a golf game you will enjoy the rest of your life. 

My teaching philosophy involves helping you understand your roadmap, and not getting lost in the confusing world of instruction.  I break my instruction into 3 distinct parts, The Mechanics, Shot Making, and Performance.  We will discuss and improve on these with a simple approach for each part of the game, Full Swing, Putting, Chipping, Pitching, and Bunker Play.

As an instructor of the game, I will share my knowledge, experience, and enjoyment to help you understand and improve your game.”


Austin Hamrick

Hamrick Golf