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with Austin Hamrick
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Teaching Philosophy

"Golf has been a passion of mine since high school and has grown every year since.   It provides me with an opportunity to forget about all the stresses that life can bring and change my focus to hitting a little ball, if only for moment.  The enjoyment of the outdoors, friendships that are built, and the feeling of hitting a pure shot are a sample of why I love this game.

Of all my years of studying the golf swing, players on tour, and top instructors around the world,  I have learned there is an infinite amount of conflicting information, which leads to mass confusion and poor golf for most golfers (including myself).  This leads to a loss of passion for the game and therefore too many golfers leaving the game.  I believe in growing the game, by keeping and building the passion, by hitting good shots, playing well, and keeping it simple. 

My teaching philosophy involves helping you understand your MECHANICS, SHOTS, and the ability to EXECUTE.  Applying these 3 simple understandings for each part of the game, Full Swing, Putting, Chipping, Pitching, and Bunker Play.

As an instructor of the game, I will share my knowledge, experience, and enjoyment to help you understand and improve your game.”


Austin Hamrick

Hamrick Golf


San Joaquin Valley Chapter
Teacher of the year

San Joaquin Valley Chapter
Teacher of the year

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