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Jr. Coaching Program

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The Hamrick Golf Junior Coaching Program is a great way to improve your game and have a good time with friends while doing so.  We will meet 3 times per month, covering the SHORT GAME, FULL SWING, and PLAYING ON THE COURSE.

During the SHORT GAME and FULL SWING range lessons, we will establish your basic mechanics, basic shots, and play games that promote pressure and competition; which will help you be more comfortable when executing a shot.


During the PLAYING LESSONS, we will train the simplicity of your execution routine on the course, discuss shot options, and how to choose the right shots for you. 


Below are the days and times of groups (Max of 4 students per group) that are offered for the summer.   Depending on demographics of sign-ups, your child will be placed in one of these groups. Click on the group to see a full schedule.

Tuesdays                    Wednesdays                Thursdays               Fridays

Group 1-2:00              Group 4-2:00               Group 7-2:00            Group 10-3:30

Group 2-3:30              Group 5-3:30               Group 8-3:30            Group 11-5:00

Group 3-5:00              Group 6-5:00               Group 9-5:00

# of Students per group          Fee’s

    2                                               $60/Hr.

    3                                               $50/Hr.

    4                                               $45/Hr.


Lesson Fees are per student

Ages 6-13

Sign-ups close 5/26

Contact me to sign-up or if you have any questions.  You can also print out the application/waiver form and send it in through the text, or email., or 209-200-3364


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