Junior Development Program

Thanks for showing interest in Hamrick Golf’s Junior Development Program.  The program will be held at both Elkhorn Golf Club and Micke Grove Golf Links.  The program is designed to, first introduce juniors to the game and help them develop an enjoyment and passion for the game. After the passion and enjoyment is there, we will develop their mechanical skills and shot making skills; and lastly sharpen their ability to focus and perform under pressure in a simple, fun, and focused atmosphere.  The program consists of 3 semesters that run from March-October.

Group Breakdown

Introduction Group - This group is designed to find out if the student enjoys golf, and if not, help build the enjoyment.  We introduce the student to the swing mechanics and variables of all parts of the game (putting, chipping, pitching, and full swing); which will consist of weekly range sessions, and no time on the course.  Lots of games will be played to help understand the game.  To be invited to participate in the Shot Making Groups, the student must show proper passion, enjoyment, and drive to get better.    


Shot Making Groups (Invite Only)- Now that a passion and enjoyment of the game has been established, students will improve their mechanical skills, while working on their shot making skills.  Using the course and range to build these skills. To be invited into the Performance Group the student must show a good understanding and execution of the mechanics and shot making skills, along with showing proper passion, enjoyment, and drive to get better.


Performance Groups (Invite Only)- This group develops the student’s ability to focus and perform consistently under pressure, by developing a consistent routine and mental approach to the game.  Student’s will play and compete on the course every day, taking challenges and playing tournaments to analyze their ability to perform when it matters. 


Spring Semester- March, April, May

Summer Semester- June, July

Fall Semester- August, September, October

The Fall 2021 program is made up of 5 groups;

Introduction Group (Ages 6-9)



Shot Making Group ( All Ages, Invite Only)

Group  1

Group 2

Group 3


Performance Group (All Ages, Invite Only)

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